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Northeastern Business Systems now offers Enhanced Remote Access Services.
Allow us to manage your technology while you focus on driving revenue and increasing the bottom line for your business.

Enhanced Remote Access Services
  • - Remotely control and view the health, status, and inventory of multiple computers and servers all
      at once and from one location – Your very own Business Command Center!
  • - Print invoices, tickets, job quotes, and more from remote computers to onsite or client printers
  • - Receive immediate email or browser alerts on computers and servers experiencing issues
      such as low memory, or no remaining drive space – Understand immediately where attention is
      needed and why!
  • - Print invoices, job quotes, and more from remote computers to onsite printers.
  • - Use graphical charting and reporting to track account, device, and session activity to demonstrate
      and analyze process value using built in and customizable reports and charts

Gaining access to your business locations and information at any time is of paramount importance. Our new enhanced remote services provide you anytime, anywhere access to your computer's files and applications. From the convenience of a web browser, you can work with a remote computer securely as if you were sitting right in front of it. Enhanced services also improve how we remotely monitor and manage your register workstations and servers. Boost server up-time, overall system health, and computer performance, while avoiding on-site visits.

Featured Benefits with Enhanced Remote Access Services
Remote control. Gain anytime, anywhere access to programs and files on your remote Windows-based computers over the web, whether you're traveling, at a client site, at home or on vacation.

File transfer. Always have access to the files you need, right at your fingertips. Easily and securely transfer large files between computers using drag and drop file transfer, file manager or folder sync.

File share. Easily and securely share large files without sending email attachments, using FTP or relying on portable drives. Simply send colleagues, clients and others an auto-generated link to the file, from which they can securely download the file right from your computer.

Remote to local printing. Print when and where you need to. Automatically print files from a remote computer to a local printer.

Desktop sharing. Easily share your desktop with another individual. Collaborate, train or troubleshoot right from your computer without any additional software.

Remote to local audio. Experience your remote computer as if you were right in front of it. You can hear music, email alerts and other sounds on your remote computer through your local speakers.

Wake on LAN. Wake a remote computer that is sleeping, or turn on one that is off, right from your web browser. Lets you save energy and still service or access your remote computers.

Management Features - For IT service providers, using Pro² with LogMeIn Central.
Diagnostic toolkit. Troubleshoot and resolve issues more easily with in-depth computer status, state and health information, without needing to directly control the desktop or interrupt a remote user. An advanced dashboard displays system-level information for remote computers, including CPU memory load, top processes, latest events, most recent access and more.

Alerting and monitoring. Keep systems running longer and healthier with automated alerts. With LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn Pro², you get in-depth monitoring, including CPU usage, memory utilization, online/offline status and hardware/software changes, to help you proactively address potential issues and prevent service interruption. Receive notifications by email, or view alerts within the browser, using both pre-packaged and custom alerting.

Background login. Maintain productivity with background login to remote computers, and avoid interrupting end users or requiring end-user assistance for computer access.

Computer inventory. In conjunction with LogMeIn Central, Pro² collects and allows you to track your IT assets by gathering hardware and software inventory information from remote computers. Gain actionable insight so you can better schedule maintenance and bring systems into compliance, including historical comparisons.

Advanced reporting and analysis. Better understand your computer health and performance, and use that knowledge to make more informed IT-management decisions by combining LogMeIn Pro² with LogMeIn Central. Plus, use reports to track your efforts and demonstrate your value. Use data aggregation, graphical charting and reporting to ensure your remote management services are effective and meeting your needs - all from within a browser.