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CounterPoint SQL's retail technology solution aims to please. We take great pride and the utmost amount of care during the discovery, implementation, and activation processes involved with your business when you make the wise decision to purchase CounterPoint. But please do not take just our word for it. We enjoy hearing how CounterPoint SQL benefits our valued customers and their respective businesses.

  Please click each title or picture below to view CounterPoint SQL's specific industry solution brochures.

Green Industry Testimonial

"CounterPoint has allowed us to be more profitable by improving our purchasing with detailed historical sales information, as well as control our margins by identifying poor return items and limit inventory losses with controlled receiving procedures. I highly recommend Radiant and CounterPoint to the green industry because they understand the specific needs in the Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscaping and Garden Center business."

                                                    - Gary Briggs of Briggs Nursery

Sporting Goods Industry Testimonial

“Rather than requiring us to adapt our business to meet a software system’s capabilities, CounterPoint give us the ability to customize the technology solution to support, and enhance, our existing practices. For example, we were able to configure CounterPoint to support multiple schedules for several important customer services, including ski mounting and tuning, bike service, furniture delivery and ski and canoe rentals."

                                                    - Bernie Bastian of Hoigaard's

Specialty Foods Industry Testimonial

"We saw very significant power in CounterPoint over its competitors. After our last point of sale system, we have been pleased to just have reliability. CounterPoint has a tried and tested SQL operating system that provides a stable and reliable database on our server. We live in a county where the power goes out frequently, and it has a number of times since installing CounterPoint. The integrity of the data has never failed."

                                                    - Alfred Guggisberg of Guggisberg Cheese

Apparel Industry Testimonial

"CounterPoint has an endless number of reports. It really gives us the knowledge we need to run more efficiently and add dollars to our bottom line. The software ensures we have the right amount of the right inventory at the right time. Inventory management is vital to our success."

- Carla Strobel of Wishlist

Museum Industry Testimonial

"We can have 25 buses arrive within minutes of each other. We need to be prepared for our guests, guaranteeing fast and accurate transactions. This is a pivotal part in providing great customer service. Over 25 registers can generate 300 plus transactions per hour. CounterPoint keeps our lines moving – which improves customer service and total sales volume."

- Shelly Peterson of Corning Museum of Glass